Brandon’s Comfort Specialists has the experienced and skilled staff to provide your business with quality Prosper commercial refrigeration services. If your business requires refrigeration solutions on its premises — like a walk-in cooler or open-air display case — we invite you to bring those needs to our team.

Through our commercial refrigeration services in Prosper TX, we will provide you with, not only the necessary equipment and system, but also the maintenance and repair services to support it.

Meeting the refrigeration needs of our commercial clients

Brandon’s Comfort Specialists is a worthy resource for a wide array of businesses, such as convenience and grocery stores, bars, restaurants and anywhere else that might have refrigeration needs.

Because these businesses don’t all have the exact same needs, we have technical consultants on our staff that will help pair you with the necessary solutions and products. This collaborative approach not only allows us to equip you with refrigeration solutions that fit your needs, but we also take the steps to support the solutions through low-cost maintenance programs and 24/7 repair services.

You don’t have to worry about energy inefficiency or breakdowns costing you time and money. Instead, you will have our licensed technicians in your corner keeping a watchful eye on your equipment via our Prosper commercial refrigeration services.

Offering more than commercial refrigeration services in Prosper TX

While Brandon’s Comfort Specialists thrives in meeting the refrigeration needs of our clients, we offer a wide range of additional services. We’re HVAC experts, meaning we have the staff and tools to inspect, maintain, repair, and replace crucial components of your building’s HVAC system. Comfort is so important to us that it’s in our company’s name — we are the trusted resource when it comes to maintaining complete comfort in your commercial building.

You can enlist the help of our trained professionals right now. Simply connect with Brandon’s Comfort Specialists and talk to us about your heating, cooling and refrigeration needs. We provide transparent and competitive pricing with all our services and our A+ rating with the better Business Bureau tells you all you need to know about our commitment to serving our clients.


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