When you are looking to replace your old HVAC system, whether entirely or piecemeal, Brandon's has you covered. We work with all major HVAC Manufacturers and Distributors to ensure that we can provide the HVAC system you need at the best possible price without compromising the small details that often come with a new HVAC Unit.

When purchasing an HVAC System from Branon's you can be 100% certain that you will be receiving the exact system you need for your size home and will be offered all available options to ensure you have the ease and maximum comfort while operating your new HVAC system.

We always send out our Experienced and Trained HVAC Professionals when obtaining the specs for your new HVAC System. We not only want your home Cool in the Texas Summer but nice and Warm during the Texas Winter.

At Brandon's we not only recognize the need to keep you comfortable during all Texas Seasons, we also recognize the need to install a proper and efficient HVAC System that does not drain your account from electric bills. This is why Brandon's not only gets the SEER size correct for your home but only works with the best equipment as well.

Brandon's works with the following Major HVAC Manufacturers along with others but will never compromise your home HVAC System with cheap inadequate equipment that will not maintain the proper temperatures but also lack efficiency.

  • American Standard
  • Trane Central AC Units
  • Daikin
  • Rheem Air Conditioners

So when you are in need of a new HVAC System for your Home, call Brandon's Comfort Specialists to get the right equipment, at the right price. We look forward to earning your business.


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