When the HVAC system in your home or commercial building starts acting up, get prompt Plano heating and cooling repairs by calling Brandon’s Comfort Specialists. We’re an HVAC service provider that offers a wide range of services to keep your system up and running optimally.

We specialize in heating and cooling repairs in Plano TX

While Brandon’s offers system inspections, maintenance work and new equipment installation, one of the primary reasons that clients turn to us is for repair work. Whether their system has stopped working all together, or is chugging along a little more labored than unusual, our team of licensed technicians can come out to take a look.

We’re experts in Plano heating and cooling repairs, able to provide you with a complete diagnosis of the problem and offer insight as to what sort of repairs you will need to fix it. Our team also provides repair work in a timely fashion so that you don’t have to wait around for days to restore comfort to your home.

Signs you might need HVAC repair work

Don’t wait until your system stops working completely to call for help. If you notice any of the following, consider calling in our team for heating and cooling repairs in Plano TX.

  • Abnormally high energy bills. This indicates that your system is not operating efficiently, meaning that something could be wrong.
  • Poor air flow. Put your hand over a vent — is the air flowing out steadily? If not, the chances are high that your system is not effectively heating or cooling your home or building.
  • Excessive dust or moisture. These components should be filtered out of your air by your system. When they are not, it affects air quality.
  • Odd noises. Whether it's a loud humming or metal-on-metal scraping, noises are almost always a surefire indicator that repairs are needed.

Brandon’s Comfort Specialists provides Plano heating and cooling repairs that are timely and effective in equipping your system with a long-lasting fix. We even provide 24/7 support for clients that find themselves in emergency situations. We’re here when you need us — connect to schedule your service appointment.


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