It can sometimes be tough to figure out when you might need Murphy air conditioning replacement from a qualified professional like Brandon’s Comfort Specialists. After all, air conditioners don’t always stop working all together — they often deteriorate over time and become ineffective.

When your home or commercial building is equipped with an underperforming air conditioner, it can create a number of problems. At Brandon’s, we’re ready to fix them with our air conditioning replacement in Murphy TX. We have trained and licensed technicians that will help you select the right unit for your home or building and then go to work installing it with precision and care.

Our team will also help shed light on your air conditioning needs. In some cases, you might be able to simply repair the unit. But, in other situations, it makes more financial sense to simply replace the unit all together. We’ll give you the insight you need to make an informed decision.

Signs you might need our Murphy air conditioning replacement

You can always bring in our experienced technicians to take a look at your air conditioner and assess its current condition. We’ll help you determine if you might benefit from a new one. However, some of the following are signs that your air conditioner is likely on its last leg.

  • Odd or loud noises. Air conditioners aren’t supposed to exhibit clunking noises, loud hums or the sound of metal scraping against metal. If your air conditioner is consistently making different noises, it might be time for our air conditioning replacement in Murphy TX.
  • Warm air coming out of your vents. This is a clear sign that your air conditioner isn’t doing what you need it to do, which is cooling your home.
  • It’s over a decade old. The typical unit will last 10 to 12 years on average. If your air conditioner is significantly older than that, it is often more logical to replace the unit instead of trying to repair it.

The list goes on from there — from rising energy bills at your home or building to persistent humidity problems. Brandon’s Comfort Specialists will provide you with Murphy air conditioning replacement when the time is right. Connect with our team right now and let’s get started.


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