Through quality and reliable Garland commercial refrigeration services, Brandon’s Comfort Specialists is a worthy resource for a wide range of local businesses. Not only are our crews able to address your refrigeration needs, but we also take the steps to keep your HVAC system up and running — we’re a one-stop shop for heating and cooling needs.

Now offering commercial refrigeration services in Garland TX

From bars and restaurants, to convenience stores, many businesses need to refrigerate products and other materials in order to preserve their freshness. With Brandon’s Comfort Specialists in your corner, you can bring solutions and services to your facility that will meet these needs.

Through our Garland commercial refrigeration services, we streamline the entire process for you, providing you with:

  • Expert technical consulting. We’ll meet with you and learn about your needs. Our team can then translate these needs into refrigeration solutions that we will implement at your facility. This can be anything from a spacious walk-in cooler to small open-air cases. We design your solutions and get them ready to install.
  • High-quality equipment that is manufactured by some of the leading names in the industry. By using only the best equipment with our commercial refrigeration services in Garland TX, we are maximizing your chances of getting long life and effectiveness out of your refrigeration equipment.
  • Repair and maintenance service to keep your solutions running every single day of the year. At Brandon’s Comfort Specialists, we don’t just plop the equipment at your location and leave. We’re an ongoing resource when it comes to servicing the equipment. We can talk to you about our affordable maintenance programs while we also offer 24/7 repair service on both refrigeration solutions and your HVAC system.

Minimize the potential for disruptions at your commercial building by connecting with Brandon’s Comfort Specialists. Through our Garland commercial refrigeration services, and our work with HVAC systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that these crucial components of your business are in good hands. Connect with us right now to get started.


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