You simply can’t make a better choice for Plano commercial HVAC repair than Brandon’s Comfort Specialists. We are the top HVAC and refrigeration service provider in Texas for 7/11, serving 140 plus stores and counting. But companies of all sizes turn to us on a regular basis for commercial HVAC repair in Plano TX. They do so because they know how passionate we are about customer satisfaction. We’ve earned the trust of a lot of businesses since we started in 2003, and we would love the opportunity to earn your trust as well.

Furnace Repair Services

When most people think about Plano commercial HVAC repair, air conditioning service is the first thing that typically comes to mind – and with good reason. We all know how brutal Texas summers can get. But our winters can be pretty harsh as well. If your heating system goes down during an extended cold snap, that can really hurt your bottom line. Brandon’s commercial HVAC repair in Plano TX experts have a deep knowledge of all heating systems. We can have yours up and running quickly and effectively.

Furnace Replacement Services

In some instances, it just doesn’t make sense to have Plano commercial HVAC repair performed on a furnace. The reason is that the system is so old or damaged that it would be more cost-effective to purchase a new system. Today’s furnaces are incredibly energy efficient and reliable. If commercial HVAC repair in Plano TX isn’t an option, we’ll help you find a new unit that will help you save money in the long run.

There are three main types of furnaces. Here’s a brief look at each.

  • Single-stage furnaces – These work in one stage, meaning can only be turned on or off.
  • Two-stage furnaces – A two-stage furnace, as the name implies, operates in two stages. One of them is full speed, and the other is half speed. This is a very efficient heating method.
  • Variable stage – A variable stage, or modulating, furnace works as hard as you need it to work. It modulates its own heat output and speed depending on the outside temperature, as well as your desired level of comfort.

We Look Forward to Serving You

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