Brandon's HVAC Maintenance and Service Agreements

Don't be fooled by companies offering check-ups!! Don't forget about regularly scheduled Air Conditioner Maintenance! The practice of regularly maintaining your air conditioning unit will save you a Texas-sized bundle of cash, simply by being able to spot potential air conditioning issues early on. Not to mention saving you from having to suffer a sweltering heat wave with an AC system down due to poor or no maintenance.

After professionally installing your air conditioning system, each season Brandon's AC will have a service technician perform a maintenance check your new ac unit. This is not something you should undertake as these checkpoints are to be performed by licensed professionals, including: coils, fan, condenser, compressor, belts, pressures, temperatures and freon levels.

72 Month Special Financing

Brandon's first year of maintenance is included with our HVAC installation, and we provide the same excellent service yearly thereafter for a minimum ac maintenance fee.

While you must leave the tasks above to your Air Conditioning Specialists at Brandon's, there are preventative measures you can perform yourself to help maintain your home's HVAC system between scheduled maintenances. Use the tips below to help keep your comfort zone in tip-top shape:

  • Change your air conditioner filters monthly.
  • Hose off your outside AC compressor, using a pressure handle.
  • In the summer, rinse the AC system to rid it of items that can bog your system down, such as dirt and lawn clippings.
  • Do not turn the unit completely off for long periods of time.