Welcome to the home for reliable, effective and affordable Frisco air conditioning maintenance. Since 2003, Brandon’s Comfort Specialists have proudly stood as the premier resource for air conditioning service.

We have the services, and factory-trained technicians, needed to get to the bottom of your heating and cooling needs and provide you with a speedy resolution. From Frisco air conditioning maintenance that keeps your system operating at peak efficiency, to 24/7 help with emergency breakdowns, we’re ready to help.

Take a proactive approach to air conditioning maintenance in Frisco TX

Many residential and commercial clients call our shop when their system is acting up — the damage is already done, and you’ve already been inconvenienced.

Our Frisco air conditioning maintenance and repair team can help you avoid this fate all together through a proactive approach. The following are some ways that we can help you avoid problems with our air conditioning maintenance in Frisco TX.

  • Our Frisco air conditioning maintenance offers a year-round maintenance plan that includes an AC check in the spring and summer and heat and CO2 checks in the fall and winter. This allows our Frisco air conditioning maintenance technicians to spot, and correct, developing issues.
  • Help your air conditioner pack a heavier punch. With our air conditioning service, you can utilize an AC rejuvenation and energy inspection for just $99.
  • If our staff spots a need for new equipment, we will provide you with a completely free estimate on that work.

Of course, our diligent air conditioning maintenance in Frisco TX isn’t going to guarantee that you’ll never face an AC emergency.

And, when you do, Brandon’s provides ultra-responsive service that will make sure the work is completed quickly, efficiently and by factory-trained professionals. We vow to have a live person available on the other side of the phone 24/7, 365 days a week.

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